Reaction: Individual User Profiles on Netflix

(Originally published in September 2013)

Netflix Makes Recommendations More Personalized By Adding Individual User Profiles | TechCrunch

“Netflix is rolling out its long-anticipated user profiles, allowing multiple members of a household to create personalized accounts and get personalized recommendations based on their own individual viewing habits, rather than the habits of an entire household…”

Whether you’re taking a flight with family or going to a movie theater with friends, collaborative consumption of services is a major aspect that providers rarely consider. Understanding and catering to the behaviors of multiple people using a single Netflix account was an obvious improvement that I once discussed in-depth with colleagues. With so many of their customers sharing accounts with friends and family, I’m glad to see that Netflix has finally released something to better serve these ‘digital desire paths’ of users. 

While they’ve made a good step forward, there are similar, but additional use-cases where Netflix could still add (and co-create) value. For instance, since people often watch TV and movies with friends and families, why not offer recommendations tailored to multiple viewers? e.g. Mom is out of town for the night— What’s a movie that she wouldn’t have liked, but my father, sister, and I will love?

Design Considerations:
Because experiences are often better when they are shared with others – how might we make it easier for people to co-consume a service?

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