Amusing Offering: Scapegoat Employees

“Well, you see it’s this way, Tom happens to be the store’s professional fired man. There isn’t an hour goes by but some disgruntled customer comes in with a complaint about some error and demands that the person who is responsible for the error be reprimanded. That’s where Tom comes in. He is sent for and told that the mistake is due to his carelessness, and that his services are no longer required. Tom goes away, apparently crestfallen, and awaits the next summons.”

Not only do “fired men” make customers feel better by validating the gravity of their compliant, indicating fairness/retribution, and showcasing an organization’s standards of quality – but they also protect both the business and employees from the wrath and cruelty of disgruntled customers.

Design Considerations:
How might we salvage an experience by predicting and resolving conflicts in a relatively painless and inexpensive way?

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