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Evaluating the firm’s career paths to support growth and retention


Since it was created in 2013, the People Model has sought to provide clear and compelling career tracks for employees as the firm moved away from a “one size fits all” model to one that recognizes and supports differentiated talent. While pieces of this model have been useful, many aspects are no longer serving the needs of the firm or its people.

The firm’s design thinking capability was engaged to engaged to evaluate the current state of the People Model and provide insights to support a future redesign


Through a series of qualitative interviews with the original People Model team creators, dozens of employees across departments and levels, and a review of exit interviews, our design team was able to massively simplify a lot of People Model’s visual nomenclature, and define the many different “jobs”1 that the People Model was being asked to perform. With these jobs clearly defined, we were then able to analyze the supporting services, barriers, workarounds, and outcomes related to these jobs – and formulated a series of “How Might We…?” questions to inspire the People Model team as they continue improving their offerings.

  1. As in the Jobs To Be Done framework

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