Amusing Offering: Northern Lights Wake-Up Call

This hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky. Similar to the design considerations in my Publix's Yogurt Spoons example - moments of joy can be created by understanding and proactively meeting people's needs.

Amusing Offering: Wonky Wheels Tag

This store sign, along with its corresponding tags, invites shoppers (motivated by a mix of altruism, catharsis, and maybe a sense of humor) to partner with the store in the improvement of future shopping experiences. Design Considerations:How might we partner with customers to co-produce consistently high-quality experiences? (especially in ways that are tangible or immediately... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Bank of America’s Sidewalk Engagements

With a sidewalk-accessible touchscreen and a massive image skinned to their building, Bank of America is bringing their "Digital Mortgage Experience" to the street. Design Considerations:• How might we lower the barrier to a customer's first service engagement?• How might we better utilize existing resources and infrastructure to engage or delight our customers?

Amusing Offering: Sephora “Assist Me” Baskets

Similar to my previous "Choose-your-own Uber Experience" post, this is another case of a service experience being improved by letting customers dictate some terms of the interaction. "[Not only can Sephora] create differentiated experiences for different types of customers... [but they] can also gain efficiency by better distributing the attention of their personnel...— Design Considerations:•... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Free Sunscreen at the Park

"SPF is your BFF" "[IMPACT Melanoma partners with] forward-thinking cities, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes [to] make a positive impact on the health of their community by installing convenient and attractive sunscreen dispensers in high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces."— This kiosk is a great example of something I heard a... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Lost Person’s Bench

Located near the entrance of the MacMillian Pier in Provincetown, MA - this bench's label provides more laughter and photo opportunities than actual functionality to passing tourists.Looking passed the comedy, however, this bench acts as a reminder to build in failsafes in preparation for common or drastic issues. Design Consideration:How might we avoid bad experiences... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

"All of our servers are people living with dementia. They may, or may not, get your order right. However, rest assured that even if your order is mistaken, everything on our menu is delicious and one of a kind. This, we guarantee."— from: "They expected mistakes, so [they] were ok with it."— Shiro... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Tesla “Dog Mode”

Service Dominant Logic (SDL) might say that Tesla now provides short-term pet watching services. Design Consideration:Using the tools, technologies, and resources already available, how might we expand our offerings by meeting additional needs?

Amusing Offering: Scapegoat Employees “Well, you see it’s this way, Tom happens to be the store’s professional fired man. There isn’t an hour goes by but some disgruntled customer comes in with a complaint about some error and demands that the person who is responsible for the error be reprimanded. That’s where Tom comes in. He is sent... Continue Reading →

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