Amusing Offering: Wonky Wheels Tag

This store sign, along with its corresponding tags, invites shoppers (motivated by a mix of altruism, catharsis, and maybe a sense of humor) to partner with the store in the improvement of future shopping experiences. Design Considerations:How might we partner with customers to co-produce consistently high-quality experiences? (especially in ways that are tangible or immediately... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Bank of America’s Sidewalk Engagements

With a sidewalk-accessible touchscreen and a massive image skinned to their building, Bank of America is bringing their "Digital Mortgage Experience" to the street. Design Considerations:• How might we lower the barrier to a customer's first service engagement?• How might we better utilize existing resources and infrastructure to engage or delight our customers?

Reaction: The Muddy Waters of

I had a strange experience yesterday when I attempted to buy a replacement lighting-to-headphone-jack adapter on Amazon: Literally every single product for sale was massively utilizing fake reviews. For instance, the reviews of one adapter I was considering - which had 5-stars and over 700 ratings at the time of this post (link) - looked... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Sephora “Assist Me” Baskets

Similar to my previous "Choose-your-own Uber Experience" post, this is another case of a service experience being improved by letting customers dictate some terms of the interaction. "[Not only can Sephora] create differentiated experiences for different types of customers... [but they] can also gain efficiency by better distributing the attention of their personnel...— Design Considerations:•... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Free Sunscreen at the Park

"SPF is your BFF" "[IMPACT Melanoma partners with] forward-thinking cities, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes [to] make a positive impact on the health of their community by installing convenient and attractive sunscreen dispensers in high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces."— This kiosk is a great example of something I heard a... Continue Reading →

Yosef’s 11 Design Principles

Good design is both comprehensive and ethical.This is how to do it. Put Persons FirstBe a champion for improving quality of life. Everything else is secondary.Seek DiversityEngage and work with a wide range of people – especially extreme users, positive deviants, the overlooked, and the disenfranchised.Collaborate ContinuouslyInvolve and empower stakeholders throughout the entire process.Keep an... Continue Reading →

Amusing Offering: Lost Person’s Bench

Located near the entrance of the MacMillian Pier in Provincetown, MA - this bench's label provides more laughter and photo opportunities than actual functionality to passing tourists.Looking passed the comedy, however, this bench acts as a reminder to build in failsafes in preparation for common or drastic issues. Design Consideration:How might we avoid bad experiences... Continue Reading →

A New Model for the Design Thinking Process

(Note: This article's intended audience is mid-to-seasoned design practitioners. I will make a simpler post for new learners soon.) Why do we need models in the first place? As a designer, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing for days or decades, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked to explain what you do and how... Continue Reading →

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