Yosef’s 11 Design Principles

Good design is both comprehensive and ethical.This is how to do it. Put Persons FirstBe a champion for improving quality of life. Everything else is secondary.Seek DiversityEngage and work with a wide range of people – especially extreme users, positive deviants, the overlooked, and the disenfranchised.Collaborate ContinuouslyInvolve and empower stakeholders throughout the entire process.Keep an... Continue Reading →

Reaction: Design vs. Engineering

(Originally published in June 2013) A Surprising Barrier To Clean Water: Human Nature : NPR "Getting clean water to people in the developing world isn’t just an engineering problem. . .An upside-down bottle of chlorine with a dispenser. . .is free to use. . . [but] if you test the water in people's homes in... Continue Reading →

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