Tennessee Valley Authority

Providing Customer Analytics Services to Local Power Companies


Tennessee Valley Authority’s Customer Analytics (TVACA) team found an opportunity to improve TVA’s relationship with Local Power Companies (LPCs) through a symbiotic, data-sharing service. However, there were many uncertainties around the specifics of how the service would work, how appealing and valuable it would be to prospective customers, and how to design these new offerings so they incorporate seamlessly into users’ lives.


Working with TVACA’s team, I developed and facilitated multiple design thinking workshops for both TVA and their LPC customers. These workshops were designed to uncover internal TVA assumptions, unify internal teams around a common shared vision, inform design decisions, and set the tone for future dialogues between the service providers and their customers.



  • Helped TVA align around their brand values
  • Defined their LPC relationship goals
  • Determined and prioritized design challenges
  • Inspired new ideas and improvements for LPC interactions


We uncovered the major drivers behind LPC decision-making. Armed with this understanding, TVA can better serve their customers in ways that meet their needs and assuages concerns. Additional findings informed the development and rollout strategy of TVACA’s new data-sharing offerings.

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